About The Training Program

Our training program is for individuals wanting to build a career in mental health. It is designed to help you develop skills and knowledge to start and sustain a mental health practice. We bridge the gap between your formal education and the requirements of a professional career. Through this skill-based, personalized training journey, you will be fully equipped to kick-start your career and have a thriving practice in mental health disciplines.


The first cohort of this training program concluded on the 20th of March, 2020. The second cohort will commence in June 2022. Click here to pre-register for the upcoming cohort.  

Training Overview

The program is divided into five modules based on knowledge, skills and attributes you require to be an MHP... 

Dates and Fee

The training program is scheduled from 1st Feb 2022 to 20th March 2022. The fees

are based on ...


Apart from several consultants, our training is delivered mainly by Divya Srivastava, Mukti Shah and Shaifila Ladhani. 

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Based on an initial assessment, we make sure to select a small cohort who would benefit the most from the ...