Training Overview

The training program comprises five modules.



The first module focuses on orienting the participants to the program and thus, help in making learning more personal and contextual. The focus is on individual goal setting, recognizing one's own strengths and areas of development. We help you map the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to work on as a Mental Health Professional. 


"Where do you get started when it comes to a private practice?, How do you pick your niche? How much to charge?" We answer this question by walking you through different aspects of a private practice in mental health. Beyond the technical expertise, we equip you to handle all the allied operations and legal procedures. You learn all about scheduling, conducting, documenting, and billing for your sessions. We prepare you for understanding ethical issues, making better decisions, undertaking supervision and for engaging in the right referral and consultation practices.  


Most academic and training programs in India focus on different therapeutic frameworks and initial case conceptualizations. But how does this framework influence your intake session? What happens after your intake? How do you work in the therapeutic alliance? How do you facilitate change?

Thus, the module on intervention planning, execution and evaluation form the heart of this training program. We help you build your skills and practical knowledge through co-therapy sessions, case studies, intervention planning exercises, mock practice sessions and individual feedback sessions.


Being a Mental Health Practitioner requires constant self-work. But where do you start these inquiries? What are the bases you need to cover? Through our module - "the self in mental health practice", we prompt exploration that cultivates reflexivity and self-awareness. We address everything from anxiety to imposter syndrome, to working through fear and exhaustion. To situate yourself better, we engage in dialogues that help you recognise your power, privilege, intersections and diversity. Your self-narrative will emerge and the journey will continue through your initiation into a personal development group or personal therapy.


Managing a private practice needs one person to take on many responsibilities, which often go beyond the area of expertise of an MHP. A private practitioner is essentially an entrepreneur who requires knowledge of personal branding, marketing, sales and finances. But even building a website and a social media presence can be a daunting task. But we help you through these different aspects of working independently. We make sure you've got a portfolio, a website and a social media presence by the end of this program. 

This program contains all the necessary elements for you to have a 'whole' practice. This training is for you if you are

        1. A MHP who's wanting to start your private practice, but is feeling lost or wants more support. 

        2. An intern who's tired of endless internships and is ready for employment.

        3. A student wanting to complement your academic journey with intensive and diversified training. 

        4. A mid-career transitioner wanting to kick start their career in Mental Health. 

Applications are currently closed. Applications for the Cohort of JUNE 2022 will open soon. Pre-register your interest to stay updated. 


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