About Hive Mental Health

Community Accountability. Competence. Beneficence 

 At Hive Mental Health, we empower students and professionals working towards a thriving career in Mental Health. We are a one-stop solution for you to start and sustain a career, and private practice as a mental health professional (MHP).

Much like our name, Hive is a collective for MHPs, started by MHPs. In an atmosphere of discord within the mental health community, we bring together counsellors, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, students and advocates; to create a more ‘human’, compassionate and accountable community.

The career paths and work conditions of MHPs are often suboptimal in developing nations due to stigma associated with mental health, the insufficient infrastructure and funding, and a lack of safeguarding laws and policies. The lack of adequate pay, immense workloads, predatory organizational policies, and scarcity of opportunities are some of the many challenges we face today. Thus, the onus of building a sustainable career in this field rests on the individual to a large extend. Hive recognizes the efforts you take to balance your commitment to the cause of mental health, and your commitment to yourself to be financially stable. These commitments don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We help you in striking the balance!

Based on the principles of competence, accountability and justice, we enable you to become the best possible MHP you can be. We are here to change the face of the Mental health industry and disrupt the way you engage in mental healthcare services. Through our platform, you can engage in personalized skill-based learning, vocational transition, continuing education, portfolio building, advocacy, case and practice management, and much more. The range of our services starts where your needs start and ends where your needs end. We’ve got you covered no matter what you’re looking for! Through Hive, you can now take ownership of your career in Mental Health.